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In Somos CaPAZes we work with children, youths, educators and parents in education for peace. Through playful and reflective activities we seek that the community know their CaPAZities and skills in order to strengthen coexistence in their environment.

We invite you  to work with us to promote a peace environment ever broader in Colombia. 

More than 5500 children and youths participated in our programs for peace.

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Somos CaPAZes was invited at the Dia de la solidaridad in the Universidad de Los Andes, the 6th March 2018.

Thank you to all of you who went meeting us and showed interest for the organization !
As many of you have seen, we all have a SuperPower to implement peace !

We hope to see you soon :)

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"For sure the world can be changed. I hav witnessed that. During one of the activities, a child asked to speak, and I thought he had a question, but what he said next would become my biggest motivation as a volunteer. ‘‘Last friday my dad wanted ir a tomar con sus amigos. My mom did not agree and the started fighting. I told them that they could solve the problem by using the CaPAZ model. They listened to me, stopped arguing and decided to take me to eat an ice-cream". The smile of the child while telling his story was recorded in my memory forever."

 Testimony de Paola Cabrejo, Volunteer

¡Link to our programs!

Programs for Peace and Leadership

Human rights, conflict management, mediation, emotion management, empowerment and leadership programs. 


Program that uses Music as an instrument for the construction of the PAZ (peace)

BIOgrafias dePAZ

Program that combines photography, evolutionary biology and elements of education for peace. 

Educational Institutions

Workshops CaPAZes

Somos CaPAZes offers comprehensive programs that promote the coexistence and teaching citizenship skills for studentsm teachers and parents.

Law 1620 and Law 1732

Aligned with Leaw 1620 and Law 1732, Somos CaPAZes offers courses for th creation of a chair of peace and has also multiplier programs . 

Recognitions and achievements

Panelist organization in Educando Desde-Para-Sobre la Paz. Event organized by the Chapter of Graduates of Psychology, Universidad de los Andes. Uniandinos national headquarters, september 2015. Other organizations present: Ministerio de Educación, Centro de Memoria Histórica andAgencia Colombiana para la Reintegración.

  • Guest organization invited as speaker at the panel of significant experiences of the VI Encuentro Nacional de Voluntariado: retos y compromisos frente a la realidad colombiana. (November 2014). 

  • Our project "Colegios CaPAZes" was selected as one of the best innovative initiative of Voluntariado Universitario in Peacebuilding by the Universidad del Rosario and the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. This gave us the oportunity to be an exceptional speaker in the V Foro Nacional de Voluntariado y Responsabilidad Social Universitaria, actions that contribute to the construction of the peace. (July 2014).

  • Somos CaPAZes is an iniciative that won the Premio Nacional de Voluntariado Juvenil in the category PeaceBuilding. This prize is organized by the Presidency of the Republic and bythe UN (July 2014).

  • Special guests at the nacional consultation: “El voluntariado juvenil como herramienta para la agenda post-2015 y fomentar la participación pública”. (September 2014).

  • Beca Liderazgopor Bogotá for one of the members of the organization, delivered by La Escuela de Gobierno Alberto Lleras Camargo de la Universidad de los Andes and the Fundación Liderazgo y Democracia. (January 2014).

  • Recognitionof Vida Voluntaria Plena. Delivered by The International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE), category "Young Volunteer under 30 in Colombia". (2013).
  • Participation as guests in the “Taller de transformación asertiva de conflictos cotidianos”, realizaded by the Ministerio del Interior y la Corporación Observatorio de Paz. (2013).

  • Invited for the public policy formulation in Bogotá of Justicia en Equidad, through the “Diplomado Justicia en Equidad: Norma y Poder Sociales para Bogotá”. Call made by the Facultad de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia and the Mayor's office of Bogotá – Bogotá Humana. (2013).

  • Exhibitors at the IV Seminario Internacional de Ingenieros Sin Fronteras Ingeniería e Innovación Rural. Paper: The role of ingineering in social innovation. (2012).

  • Henry P. Becton international award for voluntary impact (2011).

  • Speakers in the Congreso de la República de Colombia. Special guests at the “Foro Juventudes por Bogotá” presenting the conference "Jóvenes con voluntad para la transformación social". Program transmitted throughthe Señal Institucional channel. (2011).

  • Our work in the locality of San Cristóbal has been recognized by the Secretaría de Educación Distrital – Prometeo prize for reduction of  school violence (2009).

  • Speakers in the Foro Internacional sobre la Intimidación Escolar in the Universidad de los Andes (2007).

Somos CaPAZes was recognized for its peace work, by the United States government, on the president Barack Obama'initiative, Young Leaders of the Americas Iniciative  2016. 

Academic Publications

(research in education for the peace)

  • Salas, D. & Olaya, C. (2010). Darwin en el aula: conjetura sobre la posibilidad de una educación seleccionista. 12th International Conference on Philosophy of Education. Universidad de los Andes, Colombia.
  • Salas, D. & Olaya, C. (2009). No More “Learning”: Selectionist Education for the Classroom. 21st Annual Meeting of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, Fullerton, California State University, CA, USA. Abstract, full poster and references. 

Our mission is Educate and Innovate for Peace, this is why we are committed to Innovation

Our Allies

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